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This romantic comedy series, called Tee For Two, is available in 12 different markets on Amazon, B&N, Kobo and Many Others.

Get your FREE copy of Love On The Fairway today. Or view the entire Tee For Two series.

Tee For Two Series (5 books total)

Click here for a sneak peek of all published books, with free content.

Dani is taking the entire month of December (as well as the end of November) off to spend with family and friends for the holidays. But she’s asking you to take part in her “21 Day Reading Challenge” for fantastic prizes. Find out more about the challenge now.

About Author Dani Love

When she’s not authoring books, Dani is enjoying time with her significant other and their two dogs. Her inspiration comes from her two daughters and two step children.

She has an undergrad degree in Business Marketing and graduate level certificates in Nonprofit Management and Fund Development. Read more…

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Email automation is about simplifying your life. This post is going to discuss the specifics of automating your emails. This will drastically reduce the time spent in following up with your email subscribers. I can hear the question now. “But what if I don’t have any email subscribers”? That topic was thoroughly covered in aContinue reading “Email Automation”

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Who Is Author Dani Love

Dani Love is a pen name used by author and self-publisher David Allery. Therefore, everything discussed in this blog are ideas of David’s and/or adopted, in part or entirely, by someone else. In the latter case, all citations will be credited to the original party. The topics of this blog will be, primarily, aimed atContinue reading “Who Is Author Dani Love”

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